Now Reading: “Non-stop Action” – Rainer Stefani is on target to reach his goals

“Non-stop Action” – Rainer Stefani is on target to reach his goals

Rainer Stefani is conscientious, proud, organised, and ready to be out in the workforce. He has taken his opportunity through Impact21 with both hands and is always aiming to be a hardworking professional adult. Rainer completed his Internship in the PwC building with Sodexo, providing catering, functions, and facilities assistance to the many teams at PwC. Rainer is a proud Melbourne resident, St Kilda fan, Italian, and loves his life! Congratulations Rainer!

Impact21 is a tertiary education and employment course for employers and people living with an intellectual disability. It aims to break the cycle of unemployment to create diverse, sustainable and meaningful workplaces throughout Australia.

Founded by e.motion21 and supported by academic researchers including Torrens University, Impact21 has been co-designed with students with Down syndrome, employers, families, educators and disability service providers. Together we are disrupting unsuccessful models of disability education and employment through a groundbreaking model that leads to guaranteed jobs.

Current national employer partners PwCSodexoDeakin UniversityJB Hi-Fi and DuluxGroup, DES partner CVGT and 12 courageous students have successfully completed the 12-month Discovery, Work Experience and Internship modules that lead to customised employment. Our graduates start work in 2020 – watch this space!

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