Now Reading: Health Faculty win three BIMA Awards!

Health Faculty win three BIMA Awards!

We are thrilled to announce that three academics from the Health faculty have been acknowledged for their achievements and innovation within the complementary and integrative medicine industry at the recent virtual BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Awards, which took place last weekend. This endorsement of our academics by industry is a testament to the calibre of our academic team. We’re extremely proud of the contribution they make not just in the classroom, but in the health sector at large.

The winners from Torrens University were:

  • Greg Connolly – Senior Health Facilitator, Naturopathy awarded the Living Legends Award
  • Despina Kamper– Learning Facilitator/Clinical Supervisor, Nutrition awarded the Innovation in Practice Award
  • Ghaith Al-Badri – Lecturer, Health Science awarded the Contribution to Research, Education and Training award

There were 5 award categories in total which included:

  1. Clinical Excellence Award
  2. Innovation in Practice Award 
  3. Living Legends Award
  4. Contribution to Research, Education and Training Award 
  5. Professional Ambassadorship and Philanthropy Award

Read more about our winner’s achievements below and view their acceptance speeches.

Greg Connolly – Senior Learning Facilitator, Naturopathy awarded the Living Legends Award

“We have a really warm and supportive naturopathic community…I encourage students to get involved so they can help each other get established in practice.”

Greg is a naturopathic practitioner, educator and mentor and has worked in full time clinical practice for 22 years, focusing primarily on cancer care. He recently completed his PhD on cancer patients, complementary medicine, and the hospital system, funded by Commonwealth scholarship and supervised through the School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. Greg is one of our longest standing academic team members and has taught at the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT) at Torrens University Australia since 1992 in naturopathic philosophy, naturopathic clinical medicine, herbal medicine, and clinical supervision. He is also a SSNT graduate. A true veteran of his field, Greg’s work has touched the lives of thousands of people. His services and studied methodologies have aided many afflicted with cancers, who have found themselves in a delicate and vulnerable state, providing them with a calming, invaluable presence

Despina Kamper – Learning Facilitator/Clinical Supervisor, Nutrition awarded the Innovation in Practice Award

“I truly believe that in the current climate, my job has only just scratched the surface.”

Despina has over 17 years of clinical experience in nutritional and naturopathic medicine, specialising in anxiety disorders. Trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), she helps patients implement positive lifestyle habits using proper education and nutritional guidance. Despina puts her expertise to work through The Madeline Project, an initiative geared towards young women, aiding them in coping with the emotional challenges of today. The Madeleine Project offers two comprehensive educational programs, for school-age girls and 18-24-year-olds. In her words: “Today’s girls often live in confusing times and they need guidance. It’s amazing how quickly teenage girls can transform into capable young women when they learn and apply simple skills.” The Project offers these girls an opportunity to do things differently, wherever it’s required, through innovative workshops and an understanding and educated voice. Modern times call for new methods, backed by an informed and compassionate presence, and Despina’s workshops provide a safe space to aid young people to navigate this fast-paced, and sometimes intimidating, modern era.

Ghaith Al-Badri – Learning Facilitator, Health Science awarded the Contribution to Research, Education and Training award

“I’m very honored and humbled with this acknowledgement of my contribution to the Complimentary Medicine community”.

An integrative physician, educator and a published researcher, Ghaith has been teaching Pathophysiology and Clinical Diagnosis to Australian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) at Torrens University Australia, health science students for over 10 years. His research interests include neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration and neuroprotection. Ghaith began practicing as a physician since 2002 and an integrative herbalist in 2015, after completing both an MA in Medicine and an MA in Western Herbal Medicine. His eclectic educational background in Medicine, Surgery, Herbal Medicine, Public Health and Research allows him to bring expertise from all disciplines into the classroom. His mission is to ensure complementary and alternative medicine students develop a high level of clinical and physical assessment skills by creating challenging critical thinking and problem-based learning environments. His passion is bridging contemporary medicine techniques and skills with evidence-based western herbal medicine and its ancient wisdom, translating that through his practice, teaching and research. Ghaith is a noted speaker and representative, both domestically and internationally, drawing attention to the potential of improving longevity and quality of life in an aging population through herbal medicine.

The work Greg, Despina and Ghaith are doing shows the value of complementary and integrative medicine in real community health issues.  Thanks to our strong industry relationships and award-winning academics, Torrens University students get real-world experience before they graduate, and all courses are nationally recognised and developed in close consultation with industry professionals. Many of our academics are still active in their complimentary medicine professions so students can benefit firsthand from this current knowledge, meaning they graduate fully equipped and ready to start practice.

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